On any ground. On any equipment.

The Camso conversion track system increases your machine’s mobility and flotation for better access to fields with soft ground conditions.

Its large footprint reduces ground compaction, minimizes field damage, and increases stability, maximizing the overall efficiency and quality of your work.
Flexible and adaptable like no other, it can be used on different machine models and applications.

The Camso conversion track system is engineered for the toughest conditions and reduces ground pressure by over 65%.



Faster roading speeds, larger footprint

Field ready when you’re ready. The industry’s first 100% bolt-on track system for combines with an integrated final drive system to achieve similar roading speeds to wheeled combines. Get into your field faster than ever before.


More access to fields for maximum yields

Designed to increase field access and stability in soft ground conditions.


Field ready when you’re ready

Designed to increase field access, stability and ride comfort. The best choice for combines facing the toughest conditions.


Reduce your compaction zones

Engineered to easily convert tractors to tracks. With excellent traction and flotation in wet or soft ground conditions, it’s a perfect choice for tillage and rice fields.

Spare Parts for CAMSO tracks

 We stock all the highest quality parts needed.

Think next generation!


We constantly create enhanced tracks and track systems that provide the mobility solutions to help you get the job done.

We think next generation.

Unlimited possibilities.


To truly serve our customers’ off-the-road business, we need to free ourselves from the road.

We need to be road free.


Which Track System will you choose?

The South African distributor of Camso, the Road Free Company
CropQuip is a division of Equalizer AG (Pty) Ltd

We distribute enhanced tires, tracks and track systems that meet off-the-road realities like no other. Because “off-the-road” is more than a product category, it is the way we are.

We are dedicated to being the best partner for those who work and play on a surface that isn’t a road; we know their realities, and we think like they think, we are with them, thriving where there is no pavement.

We keep our minds open and ask ourselves every day: “Is there a better way?”



Every day we ask ourselves: is there a better way?


We do what we say with excellence.


We do what’s best for Camso and our customers.


As a team, we win when everyone is fully committed.

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